Tinsel Fish

(Tyack & Frayne Book 2)

The reading order for the Tyack & Frayne Mysteries is as follows:

1     Once Upon a Haunted Moor

2     Tinsel Fish

3     Don't Let Go

4     Kitto

5     Guardians of the Haunted Moor

6     Third Solstice

7     Preacher, Prophet, Beast

8     Underhill

9     Once Upon a Western Shore

10   To Find Him and Love Him Again, books 1, 2 and 3 

Tinsel Fish

A stormy Christmas is approaching in Cornwall, and police constable Gideon Frayne has booked the first-ever voluntary holiday of his career. It’s time he spent some serious time with Lee Tyack, the sexy clairvoyant he met over a missing-child case at Halloween. Lee has been away on business since then, and Gideon has started to realise how little he knows him. Lee is delighted at the prospect of a week with his new man, and they pick up where they left off – between the sheets, at any rate – with great success.

But Gideon’s first visit to Lee’s home in the seaside town of Falmouth throws them into even deeper waters. During one of his stage shows, Lee receives a cryptic psychic message from someone in the audience – just the words tinsel fish, nothing more.  Innocuous enough. Even a little festive. But Lee is profoundly disturbed, and when he’s hired to carry out the spiritual cleansing of an allegedly haunted house, despite Gideon’s protective presence he’s already vulnerable.

Something goes badly wrong during the cleansing. For the first time ever, Lee walks away from the job. He’s strangely altered – almost euphoric in some ways, at the same time distant and closed off. And his defining quality, the empathy that leads him to help people in trouble, seems to have shut down completely.  As the darkest night of the year comes down, Gideon finds himself confronted with a stranger, and – with the help of an unlikely ally – locked in a battle to restore his lover’s soul.