A Trilogy of Four :)

After a great deal of thought, I’ve decided to extend my King Arthur trilogy into a quartet. The book hit 50K with a huge amount of storytelling still left to do, and I don’t want to rush this one. The Greenwood and its magic deserves space and time. Also, I won’t kid you: I need three or four book releases every year to stay viable as an author, so releasing Greenwood sooner rather than later will take a lot of pressure off me, not to mention allowing me to produce a Halloween or Holiday novella (I’d love to do both, but I think I’d better aim for one or the other), and then after that the next in the Tyack & Frayne series. The fourth and final Arthur book will appear around summer of next year.

Having made that decision, I can now tackle the delights (!) of redesigning the covers of books one and two to reflect the change. Now, last time I tried to update a cover, Amazon decided I was trying to pirate myself, and I had a short but sharpish battle with Bezos to persuade them otherwise. So fun and frolics to come, no doubt!

I am now deep in edits on Greenwood, and as you’ll see from my bold “Releasing in August!” FB cover, it’ll be... um, releasing in August. Hang on. Did I mention which year?

Oh, I did. This year. This August. Right, then. Better get crackin’. :-D

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