The Dragon's Tale

I have a book out tomorrow! Watch this space for buy links to The Dragon’s Tale, book two in my Arthur trilogy. I was so focussed on hitting the Amazon deadline that I almost forgot the release date!

And I chose the Solstice deliberately. This second book is all about shifts and changes, turns of the tide both political and spiritual, and of course within the dynamics of Lance and Art’s relationship.

Winter Solstice is all about the return of the light, and we celebrate that – but we also honour the Holly King, lord of the year’s dark half, at the moment of his defeat. Is light always a good thing – or do we risk losing the mysteries that dwell in the shadows when we welcome in the sun? As for our warrior king and his moorland prince, how will they fare in the blaze of Arthur’s increasing fame?

I loved writing this book. The strands are weaving themselves out to form the third and last volume, which I hope will be finished by March 2018. May everyone who celebrates have a beautiful turn of the Wheel!

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