The grand Tyack & Frayne audiobook giveaway!

Because I'm quite cruel and devious, I thought I'd make you work really hard to be in with a chance of winning gift codes for the newly released Tyack & Frayne audiobook series from Audible. And I'd love it if you would take part in a little feasibility study.

Here's the thing. I'm thinking about offering readers the possibility of buying ebooks directly from my site. There are two reasons for this - firstly, that Amazon is a hinky monster and I like to have backup outlets (not to mention that offering my readers non-Zon buying options is really important to me). and secondly, I'd get to keep almost all the lovely lolly, mu-ha-hah!

So, on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is "not at all" and 5 is "very", how likely would you be to buy from my website? The transaction would probably be by PayPal. Please be as forthright as you like. I am fortunate in having an amazing and supportive reader base who would probably buy direct to help me earn a greater percentage of each sale, but I understand that Amazon is super-convenient. Also, Amazon puts bread on my table and pays my bills: obviously I'd rather make 500 sales there than 50 from my site.

So give me that answer - 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 - here at my blog or in Facebook comments. You can just put the number, or you can tell me your thoughts on the subject - I'd really like to know. For everyone who leaves a comment, I'll put their names into Lucy Fur's little hat and draw out some winners next Monday. I will be giving away:

Seven sets of two US codes

Seven sets of two UK codes

and, for the grand prize, two lots of codes for the entire series: one for a lucky winner in the US, one in the UK.

So go ahead and comment! And, if you're not prepared to wait on the vagaries of fortune, remember that the whole series is available to buy at Audible right now. Thank you so much for taking part!

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