I'm pleased to introduce to you the fabulous fan art of Canada-based artist Vic Royds-Milton. Vic surprised and delighted me by producing a wonderful artwork for Priddy's Tale, and other amazing pieces have followed.

The multi-talented Vic is a trained voice actor, a costumer and photographer/photo editor. As if that wasn't enough, Vic also creates special FX makeup.  You can contact this super-gifted creator by email at paigeroyds@live.com. A Twitter link is here and Tumblr here. LATEST NEWS: Vic now has a store at Society6! Check it out here.

This is the first piece of Vic's artwork I saw, inspired by my merman story, Priddy's Tale. The loving detail of this image just blew me away. Merouac's gills, finger-webbing and wrist frills are so beautifully observed, as is that fish-dispatching spike of his and the opening to his delicate bits. Also his tail, on the proper whale-like alignment. And Priddy looks so blissed-out, as you would, I suppose, having been carried off into the floating underwater lights by Merou.

Here we have Caius and Fenrir from Brothers of the Wild North SeaI love how Vic's conveyed the tension and humour in their relationship. Fen's "wait till I get you back to the monastery" look is priceless. The lowering Northumbrian skies and the sea colours are just right for the story's atmosphere.

Next, Vic's spectacular, symbolic take on Arthur and Lance from When First I Met My King and The Dragon's TaleI love the drama and romance of these images, with their message of love, conflict and mystery. The little white dragon - or the Great Worm, depending upon your viewpoint - is a perfect representation of the tormented life-force of the earth in both books.

And now for my personal favourites, Lee and Gideon from my Tyack & Frayne series. Don't look too closely at the seocnd one if you haven't yet read the whole series and aren't yet ready for all of Gid's secrets to be revealed! These are magical, wonderful evocations of the Cornish lads - Lee with his silver-eyed visions, and Gideon, the staunch, reliable policeman and loving husband... almost all of the time. 

WARNING: The image below this text is Not Safe For Work, unless you have a really cool and unusual job, or, like me, you're self-employed, in which case you have a fantastic boss.

Now, I can't help but feel that our talented artist should be earning something from these amazing images. It's been a privilege and a pleasure to showcase the artwork Vic's generously shared so far, but you'll notice that the next image is watermarked. Well, you might notice that eventually, after taking in the sheer beauty and hotness of Lee dealing with his more-than-slightly-beasty other half! If you'd like to buy a watermark-free version of this amazing picture, here is a link to Vic's Society6 store. Vic has my full blessing and permission to sell artwork based on my characters, and it seems only fair, because I'm sure these fantastic images are sending more readers to my work. And as for Lee and Gid - well, you'll have to wait until March to find out what's going on with our silver-eyed psychic and the (almost entirely) good and reliable Sergeant Tyack-Frayne of Dark village, in volume 9 of the series, Once Upon a Western Shore. I'll be posting an excerpt and pre-order links soon. Enjoy!

And here is the elegant, irascible, hard-pressed Summer Rayne from The Salisbury Key.  love this triptych portrait. You can just see from these images how Dan is driving him to the end of his rope in all kinds of good and bad ways!