Third Solstice

Guardians of the Haunted Moor cover

Book 6 in the Tyack & Frayne Series


Gideon’s managed to swing a few festive days off, and he and Lee are looking forward to celebrating their little girl’s first birthday. But duty calls, and Gideon is too good an officer to ignore the summons. He finds himself on the streets of Penzance, helping police the midwinter Montol celebrations. 


It’s his third winter solstice with Lee, and disturbance, danger and magic are in the air. His daughter is beginning to show some remarkable gifts, and not all the family can cope with them. As the Montol festivities reach their fiery heights, will Lee and Gideon find a way to keep those they love best on the right side of the solstice gate?



Book 1 in the Tyack & Frayne Series is Once Upon A Haunted Moor, book 2 is Tinsel Fish, book 3 is Don't Let Go, book 4 is Kitto and book 5 is Guardians Of The Haunted Moor.


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Ebook by FoxTales

ISBN: 9781910224984