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Dr Thomas Penrose meets Lieutenant Flynn Summers when a surfing accident dumps Flynn, half-drowned, at his feet. Never were two men less likely to form a bond... Flynn, a reckless air-sea rescue worker, will surely never find common ground with Tom, whose time as a combat medic in Afghanistan has left him desperate for a quiet life. And yet the attraction is there, sparkling like sunlight on the sea-water of Cornwall. As spring turns into summer and they become lovers against all the odds, Tom discovers dark secrets behind Flynn's bright exterior, and is forced to confront a few shadows of his own. He's falling in love: but can he unlock enough of Flynn's past to save him from the grasp of his ex, a mysterious helicopter pilot called Rob, whose deadly hold on Flynn seems to tighten the more he struggles to escape? Rob has been keeping some very bad company. One stormy night at sea, Flynn and Tom find themselves up against Rob's arms-dealer friends, fighting for their lives – and, more importantly, for one another's...


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Ebook by Samhain Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-60928-157-1 

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ISBN: 978-160928-173-1

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