The Audiobooks

LATEST: Harper's first independent venture into audiobook production, with the excellent Danny Dawes bringing Silver, George and their cast of family and friends to vivid life!

Check out the audio sample below.



Most of Harper's novels have now been produced as audiobooks by Audible. They're excellent, unabridged performances, many featuring British narrators for an authentic audio experience. You can buy them here

* Books One to Seven of the Tyack & Frayne Mystery Series

* All Roads Lead To You

* Brothers of the Wild North Sea

* Cold Fusion

* Driftwood

* Half Moon Chambers

* In Search Of Saints

* Kestrel's Chance

* Last Line (Last Line Book 1)

* Ring Around the Sun (Last Line Book 2)

* Life After Joe

* Marty and the Pilot

* A Midwinter Prince (Book 1 in the Prince Series)

* The Lost Prince (Book 2 in the Prince Series)

* Nine Lights Over Edinburgh (in the His for the Holidays anthology)

* Priddy's Tale

* The Salisbury Key

* Scrap Metal

* Seven Summer Nights

* When Christmas Lights Are Blue

* Winter Knights (in the Men Under the Mistletoe anthology)

* Wolf Hall