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WELCOME TO A WORLD of magic, passion and mystery.

Bestselling novelist HARPER FOX invites you to explore her critically acclaimed collection of gay fiction and M/M (male/male) romance. She's excited to announce her first venture into independent audio production via Amazon's ACX programme, and you can buy the Escort - Three Tales audiobook here, or just click on the image. Danny Dawes is a wonderful narrator, and Harper is sure you'll love his performance.

You can also follow the Tyack & Frayne  menu above to discover Harper's much-loved series about Gideon, a Cornish policeman, and Lee, his clairvoyant boyfriend. Or choose Books for a wide choice of romantic escapes, gritty dramas and heartwarming stories of love against the odds. You'll find excerpts, and links to purchase from your favourite vendors on each book's individual page - just click the covers to begin your adventure. Harper has a growing selection of audiobooks and paperback editions, too.

COMING SOON - the latest Tyack & Frayne adventure, To Find Him and Love Him Again, Volume 3.  Estimated release date is April 2021, and you can read an excerpt here. This is the final book for this story, although fans of the Cornish lads will be pleased to hear that there will be more Tyack & Frayne to come. 

Harper works with publishers and as an independent author. She is proud of her FoxTales brand, through which she has established a reputation for excellence in self-publishing. (FoxTales logo credit: JMcC)